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Welcome to  Harvest Infertility Care Ltd.

Enjoying maximum success with azoospermia (obstructive) and unexplained infertility


we have been able to retrieve motile spermatozoa from  74 percent azoospermic patients.

(37 out of 49 pateints)

By ICSI  33  percent of them got successful pregnancy .

unexplained infertility:

Three things can   improve pregnancy rate remarkably.

1.choosing better sperm during ICSI( testtubebaby)

2.change in food habit.

3.change in   life style.

Most of the so called unexplained infertility is basically due to fault in the sperm DNA structure.

first point mentioned above looks for a sperm with  healthy DNA  structure.

2nd and 3rd point improves DNA  structure of sperm.

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